Made in Taiwan Products
    F21-DS(Cherry Double Shot Key)
    APC Key Switch
    F21-SK(Cherry rubber key)
    F21-DS PBT(Cherry Double Shot Key)Nano Antibiosis Technology 99.9%
    F21-DS PBT(Cherry Double Shot Key) Nano Antibiosis Technology 99.9%
Smart Card Reader & Keyboard
    F21-BL7R THRC2002
    F21-BL3R THRC2002
    F21-C1RSmart Card Keyboard
    THRC2002-1 smart card reader
    THRC2002-2 Smart card reader
Multi- Function Kiosk
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Smart card reader

Smart Card Readers tighten network security, simplify the log-on process, allow users to conduct secured transactions for eCommerce and reduce cost associated with managing corporate networks by using a flexibly designed, industry standard enhancement product. Tai-hao follows all industry standards for connectivity to PC hardware for easy setup.